Dr. Auctor | 2002

Size: 218.2 x 116.8cm

Medium: 24 ink jet prints on paper

Exhibition: “Sefton Open” (2003), Atkinson Art Gallery, Manchester, UK

A set of 24 photographic images depicts the domestic laboratory of a female scientist called Dr. Auctor - “auctor” is Latin for the word “creator”. The room is littered with personal items, odd apparatuses, anatomy drawings and bottled specimens that hint at an absent presence and a strange hidden narrative. Each new image adds further information and detail to tell a story that gets progressively darker and fantastical. Yet, though much of the story can be pieced together through careful observation and deduction, the entire truth is never entirely revealed. The images hide as much as they uncover, producing gaps of missing information that give the audience an entry point into the work, allowing them to project their own fantasies and personal narratives.