The Promise (i-x) | 2013

Size: Approx. Variable

Medium: Paper cut-outs, acrylic, paper butterflies and frames

Exhibition: Primae Noctis Art Gallery (14 Mar - 26 Apr 2013), “And We Were Like Those Who Dreamed”, Lugano, Switzerland

This series of portraits was made as a companion piece to the dioramas in “And We Were Like Those Who Dreamed (Cocoon)”. Images of the Virgin Mary and Madonna are cut out from familiar Art History reproductions and float above a framed flowered wallpapered background. By doing so, the women are removed from their respective religious contexts and placed inside a more neutral domestic interior. It is an attempt to find a way in which these beautifully rendered images of the past can speak to us, a generation where religion and history is a hindrance rather than an aid to contemplation. The flowered wallpaper and paper butterflies allude to the garden theme found in the dioramas of “And We Were Like Those Who Dreamed (Cocoon)”. However, they no longer are within the miniature garden diorama, but are brought physically into the actual space of the gallery by making them into the backgrounds of the frames and the wallpaper of the gallery walls., thus providing a bridge and link from the dioramas into our real world.