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Secret, interiors: chrysalis (19) | 2006

250 x 250 x 150cm
Furniture and readymades (multi media installation)
Supreme Court, (4 Sep -12 Nov 2006), “Belief”, Singapore Biennale 2006, Singapore | Eslite Gallery (7 May - 5 June 2011), “Donna Ong, Jane Lee, Wilson Chieh”, Taipei, Taiwan

Secret, interiors: Chrysalis (19-22) is a 4-room installation installed in Singapore’s former Supreme Court. Situated in the chambers of the judges, they explore the secret lives and fantasies of 4 judges – the private self behind the implacable public façade. Grand projects are dreamt up and an attempt to realise these visions undertaken; using whatever comes to hand, be it a broom or a bucket.

Each project is chosen from a game or dream from childhood, a search to recapture a remembered past with the tools, skills and knowledge of the adult one has become. In this room, the adult occupant plays a child’s game (playing with dolls) and takes the innocent desire of a child for her dolls to come alive, far too seriously, resulting in the following elaborate and obsessive installation.