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Cocoon: Garden of Waiting Virgins | 2012

3.1 x 4.2 x 2.2m
Cut illustrations from antique scientific prints and art history images, acrylic, LED light-boxes, wardrobe, carpet, lights, table and plywood painted walls
Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore (4 - 15 May 2012), “Come Away With Me”, Singapore | Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore (14 Sep – 21 Oct 2012), “Encounter: The Royal Academy in Asia”, Singapore | Art Stage, Marina Bay Sands (24 – 27 Jan 2013), “Cocoon: Garden of Waiting Virgins”, Singapore

Against the backdrop of an archetypal garden, the theme of hope is narrated and illuminated through the hauntingly familiar figure of the Virgin Mary, who in her many representations throughout the history of art, represents women from every age and circumstance who wait patiently, joyfully or despairingly for a promise not yet fulfilled. The garden is meticulously created by cutting and layering old botanical illustrations and depicted in different seasons that represent the passing of time as well as the natural cycle of waiting.