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Dissolution, 2009

5 x 8 x 2-4 inches
Print on transparency film and acrylic
Wada Fine Arts Gallery (9 Jan – 30 Jan 2009), “Asleep, A Room Awakens”, Tokyo, Japan

“Asleep, a Room Awakens” explores the phenomenon of feeling familiar in a strange room, or vice-versa, the sensation of feeling alien in a known environment. Does every room recall or describe another? Are rooms dreamt into being from a shared sea of images, or are they dim reflections of a single original source?

Every second, rooms are being conjured up and brought into being, by both the conscious alert mind as well as the unconscious sleeping psyche. Disparate images surface and merge, a mish-mash collage of “real” images experienced and stored as memory. However, where do these “original” images come from? Are they authentic scenes viewed firsthand, or simulated visions constructed and distributed by image-makers?

These are some of the questions underlying the exhibition’s video and paper/acrylic sculptures. Based on iconic interior images from cinema history, “familiar” rooms are photographed, abstracted and reconstructed through a process of drawing, model making and film. Everyday paraphernalia and architectural detail are consciously and deliberately omitted, resulting in a series of austere monochromatic interiors that are hauntingly familiar, yet at the same time, strangely alien.