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In the Deep, Not all Who Wander are Lost | 2009

16.8 x 22.0 x 9.8cm
Cut-out photoetching printed on misu medium placed between acrylic sheets and framed in an acrylic box.
Singapore Tyler Print Institute, BMW Young Artist Residency (2009), Singapore | Djanogly Art Gallery (11 Sept – 31 Oct 2010), “Dust on the Mirror”, Nottingham, UK | Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore (31 Jan - 1 Mar 2011), “Dust on the Mirror”, Singapore

Leornardo da Vinci once recommended looking at stains on the walls as a device for arousing the mind and stimulating the imagination. In each stain, lies the seeds for every possible space and form - landscapes emerge and fade away; mountains, rivers, rocks, trees, plains, impossible wide valleys…

Here, ten sculptural print works on Japanese paper and acrylic, take found photographs underground caves as the starting point. Each crevice, nook and overhang becomes a starting point from which one may discover an infinite number of things, that can then be reduced through decision making to separate and discernible forms. Nooks that on the original photograph pushed back into the walls of the cave, turn into rocks, overhangs or protrusions. The two dimensional prints through the process of looking, duplication, cutting and layering between acrylic sheets, become transformed into entirely new three dimensional spaces through the process - an entire fantastical world formed through the flight of one’s imagination.