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The Memory of a Place (Dissolution), 2010

22.0 x 16.8 x 10cm (x10)
Found Chinese paintings on paper, acrylic sheets and box
Hong Kong Expo Centre, Hong Kong Art Fair (2010), Hong Kong

The work explores the landscape genre as well as the concept of perspective through Eastern and Western painting. Atmospheric Chinese landscapes are given actual physical depth through the physical separation of its pictorial elements, and reformatted into a three-dimensional, western one-point perspective. This move from two-dimensional to three-dimensional goes beyond the technical, reflecting a child-like wish to enter physically into a picture and on a more personal note, a desire to enter and understand Chinese painting through the tracing, taking apart and re-assemblage of its visual elements.

The title of the work refers to Chinese painting’s emphasis on capturing and expressing the painter’s memory, emotions and inner spirit of the scene depicted. It also refers to my own memories of the many individual landscapes depicted in the original Chinese paintings before they were cut and reassembled into a new continuous scene, which in turn are based upon the recollections of the original Chinese painters, of the actual physical places that had inspired them.